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We ask review, BUT we want positive feedback only?!

And… what happens music album reviews which are critical? These get deleted. I am talking about forums in general here. Why they delete is by diverse reasons — small community and forum admins are afraid of quarrel if letting to go publich “harsh” reviews ( “Oh man, you are affecting business negatively!”). But at the same time forum users have been asked to review music and releases! Yes go ahead, write…

It can’t be bad… Until I realized that they want positive reviews ONLY, whatever the folks say. So, review is not a review in this case, but hidden “advertisement” in a forum.

Some of my reviews (about Rygar “Modulation”) were deleted. Why? Becouse they cant stand critics and there is no review than positive review? It seems too much to grasp if I say the new Rygar-Modulation album sucks and stop harrassing Michiel to squeeze couple tracks more? I wonder what happens if someone says that the 2016 year Laserdance “Force of order” album is crap and that it is painstakingly “trying” if we listen music but everything is ridiculous hype for marketing sales&tricks? The critics in a music newsletters is much more juicy than this! But spacesynth.net forum can’t stand anything than praising “recommended” reviews and sure, it gets deleted, becouse the administration of spacesynth.net is corrupted.

Well, You asked for it, and cant take it! Instead I get suggestions like “well, you must begin to say something positive, like what about mastering quality, sound quality? Or a album cover?”. Well, if I say something about sound then the question will rise “when the quality was NOT sufficient?”. It is a elementary technicality. And cover… how I listen it? Whats next? That I like CD case or how fast I got it? “Exactly!” is answer.

Well, in fact it is not the only case like this. There are happening similar things  in other forums as well in (for example psy-trance) where only users who “praise the lord” can be there. You just are not allowed to talk about it IF YOU DO NOT LIKE “IT”. Period. It is almost in any administered forum and feedback system, where owner has financial interest. It is the same thing contact lenses in shop or about car tyres where reviews “must be approved”.

Also there is feedback system in e-bay. Even if the users can left less than 5/5 feedback, but still you find description where salesman says “If you cant left 5/5 feedback for every detail, then do not buy from me”. Also, if there are problems in transaction, they still want 5/5 feedback whatever difficulty of communication or argumentation they have with You.

Irony is that in spacesynth.net and spacesynth.de it was not that long time ago where they had fight about one fake fanclub who posted only 5/5 reviews.  Well, the problem got solved, But now later the spacesynth.net is still making themself the same thing, but for others who are in their interest.

P.S. if the link is not readable then you find that fake fanclub link here:

AUTHORNAME. TITLE. . 2016-11-03. URL:http://www.spacesynth.net/News/20071113-Fake_Fanclub_Revealed. Accessed: 2016-11-03. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/6lkof03Sx)

(However, even in this situation spacesynth community had no solidarity (spacesynth.net only published this news)). My guess is that spacesynth.de wanted to “stay neutral”, being afraid of making enemy of Hypersound Records.) Two-faced sheeps.